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Melbourne, Romania and Spain

Journal Entry: Sun May 18, 2014, 1:46 PM

Hello there, yes I am still alive omfg. Only difference is that I'm in Spain for a couple of weeks already! Things come can go extremely quick, it felt as if  I was living 5 months ahead of everyone with so many things going on Q.Q 

I was back in Melb in April for Supernova, which is awesome as it's my first con in Melbourne! Everyone's so friendly and the panels were really entertaining and inspiring! I was helping :icondarcywilliam: for his Madman Cosplay Competition on my touchdown day till the comp itself which is fun but terrifying! Though despite the lack of sleep and the craziest traffic jam, we managed to get 2nd! I was really proud of Darcy and Blair for putting in so much effort in their costume and performance.

Darcy and I had another couple of shoots lined up back-to-back which is extremely stressful especially right after such a big cosplay competition. Though both the shoots could have been done better but I am looking forward to more photos! Thank you :iconblackcrane56: and :iconshuichimeryl: for coming down and being patient with us! 

I totally slipped my mind about the Kill la Kill photoshoot with :iconcvy: ( OMG SORRY!!) and I bought my return ticket to Singapore on the day of shoot >.< It's pretty obvious that we have to pick another day, however I have another flight to Spain on I decided to squeeze everything in. I touched down in SG on Sunday midnight and had the shoot in the afternoon! The photoshoot was organized, fun and quick except the curse of my shit sense of direction lol, it took me so long to find the location I was losing my patience @_@

After the shoot I have the night to unpack Melbourne stuff and pack for Spain...I couldn't get some stuff ( also some of my laundry ) on time so I gotta buy them in Spain which is irritating! Urgh! I was really hoping I can have one more day to finish all my tasks.

I was back at work on Monday with the craziest ache and so much sadness from returning from Melbourne :( I then have an approx  15~18 hour flight to Spain and well.... I'm pretty much on my own now!Europe has been amazing so far! 

I've also traveled to Romania as I was invited to Otaku Fest by :iconcosplay-gen: ! :heart: I can't express my thanks enough to all the organizers and friends whom I've met! It's by far the best event with the least amount of stress as a guest haha! I'm definitely bringing Darcy in if I'm going next year! :D Romania has the BEST potatoes. JFC!!!

I'm back in Spain at the moment so if anyone is free for a meetup just drop me a message here!

Adiós <3 <3 <3


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MFM-Photography Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
It was awesome meeting you at Supanova :D
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